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Our clients draw on our rich insights from decades of strategic expertise developing leaders, leading teams, growing businesses, saving years of time, and generating millions of dollars to experience exponential success.

01. People First

Honor, respect, acknowledge, and help others.

02. Healthy Profits

Grow profits through healthy relationships.

03. Performance Excellence

Achieve excellence where everyone wins in each endeavor.


Proven Success

Results Tell The Story

Our clients typically increase their resource effectiveness to 89% and achieve a 36% compound annualized growth rate.


Resource Effectiveness


Compound Growth


What We Do Best

High Trust Leadership

Executive Coaching to Develop Leaders That Everyone Wants to Follow

High Performance Teams

Team Coaching to Develop High Function Company Teams

High Engagement Culture

Strategic Consulting to Build a Winning Culture to Attract and Keep the Best


Your Team Of Professionals

Cynthia Stewart, MBA

Executive Coach | Business Strategist

Provide business strategy consulting and coaching for business owners to accelerate their leadership growth and team performance to create Winning Cultures.


High Performing Leaders & Teams, Gallup Strengths Coach, ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt, ASQ Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence, Open Book Leadership

Jefferson Stewart, PhD

Core Team Advisor | Proven Change Leader

Lead IP creation, guide IP rights execution, and direct IP management. Catalyze cultural creation for strategic business partners, growing top leaders & c-suite teams. Integrate business valuation with vision, values, and mission to sustain long-range organizational excellence through strategic maneuvering within a global positioning portfolio.

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