The Truth Behind The Power of CSuite

Why join the Csuite


As social creatures, much of our learning happens in a social context. We learn most of what we know from other people. While experience may be our best teacher, having others to give us the benefit of their experiences and wisdom helps us to make our experiences more fulfilling and with better outcomes than if we tackled everything solo.

In many ways, we can liken the CSuite For Women to the long standing apprentice model, where experienced leaders who are experts in their own fields share their wisdom based on their own wins and losses so you can learn faster and make better decisions in your course of actions. Hearing what others do and have done spurs your own insights and ideas in ways that benefit you and your company.

The CSuite For Women offers a totally confidential, safe environment where anything said in the room stays in the room. You get a perfectly safe space to tackle your greatest business challenges and your lofty aspirations, and know that you can trust everyone in the room to give you unbiased, truthful advice because they have your best interest at heart.

Engaging with CSuite For Women sets you on a trajectory that grows you personally and professionally faster than any other option you have available to you. In the CSuite, you will:

  1. Gain confidence in the things you struggle with,
  2. Fulfill your goals, and
  3. Achieve prosperity.

How It Works

Gain confidence with your very own Life-enhancing Learning Team

Your peers in the CSuite For Women represent your very own learning team, not so different from any team working together on a mission. The mission for everyone in your CSuite is to help each other enhance their business and their lives.

  1. You are colleagues, not competitors – you share common challenges and aspirations, and you work together on solutions;
  2. You share the power of dialogue – you have the opportunity for true dialogue, rather than debate or discussion, which leads to richer and more meaningful conversations, where you and your peers really listen to one another and respond accordingly;
  3. You have a skillful guide – your professional facilitator acts as both your guide and your equal at the table to help maintain the focus of the dialogue so the group can flourish;
  4. You experience abundance – leaders in the CSuite come to realize that no matter how much they contribute to the group, they always walk away with more in return and the group and each member grow stronger and stronger over time;
  5. You develop lifelong friendships – the individuals in the CSuite grow deep bonds and become lifelong friends, an intangible and immeasurable benefit.

Fulfill your goals through unparalleled personal and professional growth

The CSuite allows you to discuss your current business challenges and aspirations and get feedback from a diverse set of leaders who share their own experiences. This in turn has five benefits for you as an owner:

  1. Enhances your decision making leading to more successful results
    • Peers provide you with practical advice to real world problems by sharing their wins and losses
  2. Helps you clarify the best direction forward
    • Peers act as a sounding board to help you think about the best course for your business direction
  3. Holds you accountable to your goals
    • At the meetings, leaders set a course of action towards their goals, and must account for their results at the next meeting. Peer accountability is the best way to make rapid progress.
  4. Reduces isolation you may feel, while increasing your confidence in tackling the things you struggle with
    • Without a group of peers to support and encourage you in your growth, it can be very isolating which can lead to second-guessing yourself or not acting on your instincts. This is a huge benefit to not feel so isolated and gain encouragement and support you need to take action. In addition, you gain confidence in your ability to tackle those things that you struggle with.
  5. Balances out your personal and professional life
    • The fastest path to improving your personal life is to improve your business life. Making better decisions and taking actions that gain successful results frees up time in your life to spend with family and take care of your own personal needs.

Achieve prosperity with this tremendous marketing tool

Marketing is about gaining visibility for your brand and developing trusted relationships with others to do business together. Achieving prosperity requires growing your customer base and your profit margins.

  1. As you come to know the other leaders in the CSuite For Women, you accomplish these objectives.
  2. The best businesses grow from referrals and your peers in the CSuite become advocates for your business and refer business to you.
  3. By being held accountable to your business goals, especially marketing and sales, you accomplish them faster.
  4. By making wise decisions in regard to your hiring, financing, planning, executing, marketing, purchasing, and selling, you use your resources more wisely which grows your profit margins. With a more efficient operation, you serve your clients and customers at a higher quality level, which grows your customers as your greatest fans and loyal followers, enhancing word of mouth marketing and long-term customer growth.

Why would you join CSuite for Women? Why wouldn’t you?

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