CSuite For Women – Owners Roundtable

Date: January 12, 2018 Location:

The Owners Roundtable is business intensive development program for Ownership Excellence. It helps women business owners and officers set the standard for excellence in their industry.

The obstacles and challenges of owning and running a business are fraught with difficulties. Various aspects of C-Suite expertise (CMO, CIO, COO) are often missing which prevents businesses from thriving at optimum levels of performance. Deficits in marketing, sales, finance, accounting, IT, legal, and operations can hinder growth and stifle the decision-making process. What if you could fill those gaps with the strengths and experience of others who had conquered the very same challenges you face? That’s where we step in.

CSuite For Women For Women Business Owners

CSuite for Women is a peer advisory program dedicated to women helping women grow successful businesses together, integrating proven wisdom sources in pursuit of Ownership Excellence. We specialize in providing the business expertise and peer advice for business owners to scale up their leadership growth, accelerate performance and ignite transformation. Our clients draw on our rich and accurate insights from three decades of strategic expertise leading teams, growing businesses, and saving years of time and millions of dollars to experience success at a whole new level.

CSuite provides a framework and a pathway for women to fulfill their goals, achieve prosperity and resolve struggles in a safe and trusting environment.


The CSuite program is anchored in God’s eternal wisdom and grounded in best business practices for Ownership Excellence in business.

We partner with leaders to harness the power of our peer advisory group and the expertise in the CSuite program to achieve excellence in the following areas:

  • Cultural
  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Organizational

Join Us!

We invite you to share your summit goal with other owners to expand your leadership impact, grow your profits, and watch your business soar to new heights. Together, we can make the world a better place and leave a lasting legacy while remaining true to our faith and family.

If you have interest in becoming part of a new Owners Roundtable group, contact Cynthia at 918-557-0144 or cynthia@evermoreservices.com.