Tulsa Executive Forum

Date: November 8, 2017 Location:

EverMore Services has partnered with Association for Leadership Practitioners to host the Executive Forum, a leadership and growth peer advisory board. We unite leaders to capitalize on the power of peer support while leveraging expert guidance to propel member success. We use our criteria for excellence to drive revenue geneartion, and our trifecta model as the cornerstone to guaranteed success.

Leaders who participate in a high funtioning peer advisory group are four times more successful than their counterparts. More so, when facilitated by an executive coach, members achieve 76% greater success than those who don’t. The peer advisors combined with our trifecta model drives proven leadership excellence and organizational growth, thereby catapulting revenue generation.

We hand-pick a diverse group of exceptional leaders from non-competing organizations who have met stringent requirements but share one commonality: the desire and commitment to escalate their organizations’s success.

Join a complementary session to experience the value of peer advice and expert coaching in a safe and secure environment.